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aakritii – the original shape - is the manifestation of Amit’s constant endeavor to recreate himself and offer unique, beautiful & honest images every time. Amit enjoys capturing wedding moments & believes wedding photography has an inherent quality of being honest. One must learn to be an unattached observer or we alter the purity and honesty of the events & emotions before us. He approaches each wedding assignment with same excitement & enthusiasm as of the first one.

On the other end is his passion for fashion & commercial photography, which opens doors to express his creativity. Amit enjoys painting with light, the technical aspects of which had fascinated him since IIT Kanpur days. According to him a great portfolio is the one that speaks exactly what needs to be communicated – not more, not less; capturing the viewer’s attention and leading her to where you want her to go.

Amit is highly grateful to Mr Nitin Rai who imparted Amit the skills of fashion & commercial photography, and mentor Padmashree Raghu Rai who created a beautiful environment at Raghu Rai centre of Photography which breathes creativity. This was the cradle in which aakritii was conceived.